Pre-Kindergarten Program

Wee Lad and Lassie has been selected by MSDE (Maryland State Department of Education ) to  pilot the Children Study Their World Curriculum created by the Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention at the University of Maryland.  For more information click on the link below.
Children Study Their World
Program Overview:

Our accredited Pre-K program is designed to enable students to develop the skills they need to be ready for Kindergarten. We strive to build a foundation of positive learning behaviors that are essential to successful learning. Our goal is to facilitate social, emotional and academic growth.


The children are very active in the classroom – moving about in small learning groups to experience instruction and exposure in the following areas: Language Arts, Math, Science/Social Studies and Art. Music is closely integrated with our curriculum and is used daily to enhance learning. Our students are given numerous opportunities to develop the core skills included in our program. The degreed teachers, senior staff and classroom assistants are committed to providing positive, high-quality instruction. Computers and tablets, Spanish instruction and physical education are also a part of the weekly instruction. Field trips and resource personnel are also used to enhance concepts. View a sample daily schedule and check out each classroom's photo gallery for images from a typical day at school. Visit the staff page to meet our teachers.


Our Pre-Kindergarten program is offered Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:00, with an extended care option from 7:00 6:00p.m. We strongly recommend a 5-day preschool schedule for Pre-Kindergarten students in order to be best prepared for full day Kindergarten the following year.   However, we recognize that a full day schedule does not work for every student, and for these cases, we offer a limited number of abbreviated schedules as well. 


 We are proud to have achieved and maintained Maryland State Department of Education Early Childhood Accreditation since 2005!


Children must be four years old by September 1st of the enrollment year to be eligible for this class.



Language Arts

Language Arts is integrated into every area of the curriculum. Language Arts focuses on phonemic awareness, rhyming, introduction of sight words, reading comprehension and writing. Students learn reading readiness through weekly reading books and author studies each month. Beginning reading behaviors are encouraged through daily hands-on activities to increase interest in literature and to give students the tools for future reading success. The students also begin to learn the mechanics of writing and print awareness. Students learn proper pencil grip and how to form letters through the Zaner-Bloser method. They work on name recognition and recognizing sight words in their reading books. The Language Arts program provides a child-centered, interactive environment for students to nurture their love of reading.



The Pre-K Math program provides students with the building blocks students need to
begin learning more complex operations and such as addition and subtraction.  Students
learn geometry concepts such as shapes and sorting as well as the pre-algebra topics of
patterns and one-to-one correspondence.  They focus on number recognition (0-20) and
gain an understanding of quantity through the number 20.  Math teaches students the
ability to learn problem solving skills and to apply them to other concepts in the
curriculum.  Other areas of the curriculum including Language Arts and Science are
incorporated through creating graphs, sequencing, and measurement.

Social Studies

The main objective of the Pre-K Social Studies program is to help students gain a better understanding of self-concept and to build self-confidence through positive interaction with others. The Second Step program is used to teach students the importance of understanding their feelings and the feelings of others. Students learn about fairness and conflict resolution through a series of role playing activities, puppet shows, and songs. Students also learn to make healthy choices, take care of themselves and how to display good manners in a variety of situations. Students also focus on family roles and the make-up of their community.


The Science program in Pre-K is taught with a hands-on, interactive approach to spark student interest in learning about the world around them. In Science students celebrate curiosity and the joys of discovery through the PEEP science curriculum. This MSDE approved science curriculum invites preschoolers to actively investigate their world by exploring water, sound, plants, color, shadows, and ramps. The science units also includes learning about the functions of the body, health and nutrition and the five senses. Students also investigate life-cycles in the spring by exploring the life-cycle of a butterfly, as they create a classroom butterfly garden. The Pre-K science program also includes the opportunity to perform science experiments, make predictions and discuss outcomes.



Our art philosophy is "It's the process not the product"! This allows students the chance to explore the world around them, ask questions, and see how things work. Process art fits in with how children learn because it allows them room to be themselves, make their own decisions, and just create. Children will express themselves creatively through the visual arts, music, dance and drama. In addition to using the arts to create, children will begin to develop an awareness and appreciation for the art of others.  Children are provided with daily opportunities to create art through the use of various mediums and multiple art techniques. Art is also integrated into the other subject areas through music, dance and drama. Also, each month a new artist is explored through the fine art program and students are given the opportunity to create projects using the techniques of great artists of the past and present.



Music is also integrated into every aspect of the curriculum on a daily basis. A structured half hour music class is taught weekly for students to explore beat, rhythm and instruments and to learn how to respond to music through movement. Studentsalso learn about various types of music including classical and multicultural. Music is used to enrich the curriculum through letter and number recognition as well as songs about science and social studies concepts.


Physical Education

Physical education is gained through many opportunities for outside play on the large playground which includes a bike track, swings, a climber, and a sandbox for fun and creative play. Students take part in a physical education lessons to promote fitness, build healthy bodies, and self esteem.They also work on skills such as skipping, balancing, and running to increase coordination and help develop large motor skills. Students also have opportunities to experience yoga, dance and soccer.  


Technology Education

Students in the Pre-K program explore technology through weekly computer classes in the computer lab. They use laptops and iPads to learn skills such as proper use of the mouse and keyboard and how to navigate through educational games and websites. The choice of games and activities are pulled from themes in the rest of the curriculum so that computer class becomes an integrated part of student learning. Computersare also used as a teaching tool for various lessons and for students to watch interactive videos that coincide with units being taught in the classroom

The program's goal is to expose and acquire Spanish language through an age appropriate method and creative curriculum. Classes are theme oriented which include
weather, calendar, games, numbers, ABC's, opposites, holidays, music and movement,
storytelling, colors, shapes, and a lot more, all in Spanish!

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is offered Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:00, with an extended care option from 7:00 6:00p.m. We strongly recommend a 5-day preschool schedule for Pre-Kindergarten students in order to be best prepared for full day Kindergarten the following year.   However, we recognize that a full day schedule does not work for every student, and for these cases, we offer a limited number of abbreviated schedules as well. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

Program accreditation standards represent the highest quality and reflect research-based best practices in early childhood education.


In 2015, Wee Lad & Lassie became one of the only Early Childhood Programs in Anne Arundel County to be awarded the highest rating (check level 5) under the Maryland EXCELS program based upon nationally recognized quality standards and best practices.


In 2005, we joined the very few independent preschool programs to be accredited by the Maryland Department of Education Early Childhood Accreditation Project.  This means our management, staff and curricula meet the highest standards in Maryland.

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