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Wee Lad & Lassie students are always at the top of the class. - Local Kindergarten Teacher


Students who come from Wee Lad & Lassie score higher on tests than students from any other area preschool. - Local Elementary School Principal

Wee Lad and Lassie  was truly a gift to find. It is a small school, with a lot of education to give. My children were completely ready for Kindergarten when they graduated. It is the complete package my boys needed. The 3's program is not babysitting.  My boys learned their letters, as well as Spanish, computer, art, gym class and more! The specials they offer were very exciting to them... and they brought this knowledge home!  (to see them playing and typing on the computer at
home was very exciting!) Socially, they learned how to play nicely with their friends, and nice manners too.  Our Pre-K experience was just as fabulous. They learned how to break up into groups for Center time, and to answer questions and do show and tell all while feeling comfortable in front of their peers.  I was so excited to find an "old fashion" pre-school, with updated educational resources.  


Thank  you Wee Lad and Lassie for taking any worry off  selecting the right place for our boys to get ready for elementary school. - Lynn Koutras, 3 year old and Pre-K parent

My family and I have been very pleased with the early childhood education and experiences our daughter is receiving at Wee Lad and Lassie. The staff, along with teachers and general community of parents has been overwhelming helpful and welcoming. The personal nature of this facility creates a comfort unlike many preschools in the area. Our daughter transitioned extremely well into the school environment as she had been home up until three years of age. We have noticed developments socially as well as academically. We have, and will continue to recommend this early childhood education program to
friends and family! Thank you Wee Lad and Lassie! - 3's Parent

Our Commitment to Excellence
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Program accreditation standards represent the highest quality and reflect research-based best practices in early childhood education.


In 2015, Wee Lad & Lassie became one of the only Early Childhood Programs in Anne Arundel County to be awarded the highest rating (check level 5) under the Maryland EXCELS program based upon nationally recognized quality standards and best practices.


In 2005, we joined the very few independent preschool programs to be accredited by the Maryland Department of Education Early Childhood Accreditation Project.  This means our management, staff and curricula meet the highest standards in Maryland.

I don't like when it's the afternoon, because that means school is almost over. - Maddie, Pre-K Student

Wee Lad and Lassie is the perfect blend of a comfortable, caring environment and a true learning center. Every day when I drop my daughter Maddy off, I see something new and exciting for the children in the classroom. Whether it is a new set of books, or a new set of free play items related to a topic they are covering in class, it is truly a wonderful place for a child to spend the day.  Maddy cannot wait to get to school. 


Wee Lad’s Full Day Pre-K option was also perfect for us.   Maddy missed the public school kindergarten cut-off of September 1 by a few weeks, so we wanted her to have some additional enrichment this year because of her age.  The Pre-K program has been great for her both academically and socially.  Miss Jen and Miss Mary do a great job of always keeping parents up to date on classroom and school news which I appreciate so much as a parent. We could not be more pleased, and plan to send our younger daughter to the Pre-K classroom in the fall. - Joanna Goger, Pre-K Parent

After spending a few years in another private school that we were unhappy with, we were thrilled to discover Wee Lad & Lassie. The environment was colorful and stimulating. The staff members were warm, energetic and talented educators who were good with young children. The day was structured for the kids, providing opportunities to focus on reading, writing, math, science and social studies. There was

a high emphasis on art which we appreciated. It was okay to get messy! : ) Also plenty of time to just “play.”


We feel the time spent there enriched our son’s personal and social development. He loved going to school! Wee Lad & Lassie helped strengthen his early development and prepare him for Kindergarten. Most importantly, the experience helped to build a successful foundation for his educational career. - Eva Barsin,  Pre-K parent

He is doing really well socially and academically.  He is young for first grade, but was very well prepared.  His teachers have to practically hold him back! - Pam Castle, Pre-K

The bar is high for quality Preschools in Severna Park.  We chose Wee Lad & Lassie because we felt the right balance between commitment to academic excellence and to creating a fun, engaging and warm place for my daughter to spend her days. Once there, the director, Mary, and her teaching team far exceeded our expectations! 


Wee Lad is an open, comfortable place that welcomes parents to be a part of their child’s day.  They give total access to parents to bring their children right into the classroom, see the projects and art the kids are working on, and talk to the teachers every morning.  They go above and beyond to meet the needs of every child and the special requests of every parent. Their structured curriculum blends a balance of Kindergarten prep (kiss your brain!), artistic projects (dig in and get messy) and social stimulation (not to mention plenty of outside run and playtime), perfect for Pre-K kids. - Karen Zaniker, Pre-K Parent

My family has had the fortune to be part of the Wee Lad & Lassie program for the past 4 years, as I watched both my daughter and son progress through their 3 and 4 year old classes.


It is an “education center” in every sense -- WLL captures the essence of pre-school learning through both play and instruction, utilizing creative, energetic and fresh approaches to teaching young ones the building blocks of writing, reading, math, science and social awareness, with progress you can actually see in take-home arts and crafts, writing journals and worksheets! Highly competent, patient and compassionate teachers give individualized attention to each student, regardless of class size - allowing for progression unique to each student’s ability. As a result, both of my children were fully prepared for entry into elementary school, particularly now that expectations are greater.


I found that all of the staff (teachers and administrators alike) are extremely communicative, in addition to accomodating changing family situations and schedules - allowing for early drop off, late pick-up and extra days, should emergencies ever occur.


I cannot say enough great things about the school, its staff, or its program (including unique field trips and summer camp activities!) Thank you for all that you have done for my children and my family, and we will miss you. - D’Ann Vermilye and Family, Pre-K and Three Year Old Class

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